Sep 05

We’re Rich.


I hung up the phone, pushed the dogs back, and opened the front door.
There was big and little buddy just swinging away on the porch.
Music was playing.
The sun was setting.
I grabbed the outdoor pouf and sat down.

I smiled.
Naturally took like 500 iPhone pictures.

Then I began to cry.

D said, “Are you okay?”
And I quietly whispered, “I just miss her.”
He said, “I do too, Karebear.”

You know, things don’t get easier, they just get more special.

Did you get that? They don’t get easier. They just get more special.

Moments like those, where my feet are sweating in my slippers because it’s hot outside, and my natural inclination would be to run inside, change shoes, start dinner, or something along those lines, but I don’t. I plop down and soak it all in.

Why? Because of her.

Because of Mary Anna.

We love music in our house. Like a lot. Like I should be a singer/song-writer, because I love it so much, but that’s just not my talent. It moves us. It make us laugh and cry and all things in between.

There’s a line from a song by a group called Judah & The Lion and it says:

We’re rich.
We don’t got no money.

My tears didn’t last that long, because I felt so rich. Not because we’re rich. We are far from that, but because we have been given the gift at a really young age to know what it truly means to be rich.

So naturally I had to instagram one of the precious pictures of W from the porch, and I wrote: God is so good to us. Because He is so good to us.

Dr. Dan and I are in a lot of transition right now. There’s been so many things that have happened that just continue to amaze me. I keep thinking that life will just get easier, and y’all it just doesn’t.

So with that… It’s Friday, I had cheese and crackers for dinner, and I think that we need to stop expecting the ones that we love to “get over things”, and let them learn to make life more special because of them.

Mary Anna,

Dear baby girl. I will never forget you. I thank you my angel for teaching me that I never have to get over you, but that because of you life is just a little bit sweeter. Thank you for teaching me that even though daddy and I aren’t rich, we are so very rich. We love you.

You always have my heart,
your mommy.