We had no idea on July 14th that we would be saying goodbye on July 17th to our precious baby girl. How do you do something like that many people ask and the answer is I do not know. Dan (my sweet husband) and I say to each other everyday that there is no road map for this. There is no way to tell you how I wake up everyday and face life without my angel. There is no way that I can promise to my friends that I won’t lose it mid conversation with them. There is no way to go to sleep and not wake up in the middle of the night in sweats just to realize that this is not a nightmare, this is real life, and this is our life. Our life is messy and hard, but it is full of love and faith. I pray that this blog doesn’t bring just tears but happiness. I feel like sometimes with facebook, instagram, etc. that we portray to others that our lives are perfect, so I hope you see that our lives are not perfect, but they are real and messy.

The reason I named this blog Keep Walking is because luckily we got sweet footprints of Mary Anna. It has been a symbol to us that we have to Keep Walking. Dan and I have said to each other many times lately, “you have to just keep walking..”. I hope that as you walk through this journey with us that you learn to Keep Walking in your life as well.