Jan 30

Snow Day

It’s no secret that, yes yes, Alabama got snow. I still don’t think my Yankee friend believes me, but it’s the truth. We have had a few days to do absolutely nothing, so in our boredom this afternoon, D decided to run off to the woods in hopes to snag a deer, and I opted to spend a little time doing something that I had long wanted to do.

Books are important to Dan and I, so we slowly began our library for Mary Anna early on. Every trip we would pick her up a little book, and sometimes just because while we were out and saw one that we could not resist, we would get it for her. I am not much of a reader, so I tend to end up in the children’s book section more times than not anyways.

We had a loooong search for the perfect bookcase to house these sweet little books, and we actually did not find the perfect one until after Mary Anna went to heaven. It was bittersweet bringing that antique beauty to complete her nursery one evening this fall, but now her books have a house, and it makes me happy.

Dan actually had picked out a huge stack of books on a website right before our girl was born, and of course the logical person that I am convinced him that we did not need to spend that money right before our baby came. We didn’t order the books, so for Christmas this year I happened to come across that same website, and hallelujah! the shopping car was still full, so I ordered every single book and gave them to D as a gift. Together we cried and opened each book and thought about how we wish that we could read them all to her. The sweet thing is that all of them were animal related, because D picked them out especially for him to read to her, since her daddy would be an animal doc.

So today, I wrote her sweet little name in each book. We wanted to remember which ones were hers, and as we read them to our future children, we wanted it to always be a reminder of their big sister. I shed quite a few tears, but I had a precious time in my girl’s room. I found a sweet one from my mom that she had already written Mary Anna’s name in it, which made it even more special.

Also, I found a Bible some dear friends gave us for my birthday, and it had a precious note in the front of it that said:

We gave this Bible for Mary Anna that she will know that even before she was born, she was surrounded by prayer, and with the hope that there will never be a day in her life that she doesn’t know the love of Christ.
I texted her a picture of her note and she said, “Wow, I truly believe that prayer was answered.” And she is so right. My attitude has been a little sour lately, and today I realized that the Lord spared my girl. He chose her to come home early to Him, and what a joy it is that there was/is never a day in her life that she does not know Jesus. Her life is complete.
As I came to this conclusion, I got a text from D that said to go outside, because the sunset was pink. And once again, she painted me a sunset from heaven to let me know that she is always near. 

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17903505617726458663 Courtney Wilson

    Beautiful. You have thought of so many great ways to celebrate MA’s life. From the charm necklace to this and all the other ideas. I hope someone experiences the loss of a child stumbles on your blog to learn of the amazing things you have done to give yourselves a little more comfort.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03559851267066311204 Beth

    My girls and I were in the kitchen during one of our snow days this week and Bella said “Momma look at the sky – it’s pink”! I thought of your Mary Anna because I remembered your posts about the sunsets. May Mary Anna continue to send you these sweet blessings!