Oct 14




It’s overrated right?

Well not really. We are battling the sleep theories around the Caldwell house until we are blue in the face. Debating techniques, asking friends, failing, winning, and everything in between.

Three nights of successful sleeping through the night, then BAM! at 3 a.m. we are “regressing”. A few good naps in the crib, and then BAM!, we end up in the swing. UGH! I could scream.

A friend last week told me, “Forget sleep when your baby sleeps, but just cry when your baby cries!” So, I just did that. I tried to lay him in his crib awake and just let him self soothe like the books say, but I could not handle it, so I just cried while he cried.

I just read “The Very Hairy Bear” (the book that we read to our baby girl. very-hairy-bear) to little brother bear, and I cried the whole book, because being a mommy is hard. I miss Mary Anna so much it hurts. I read an article earlier where a dad who lost his teenage daughter said that the weight of the hurt does not get any easier, but you just learn to live with the weight. Or something like that.

I have debated this blog so much over the past year and a half, and I almost stop writing every week. Now that William is here, I feel like I do not have much time or thoughts just confusion and tears, so then I think it’s silly to consider myself a blogger, because really? Yeah I just do not know what to say.

I came across this article that I saved a while back, and it was just what I needed. So for all of you weary moms out there who endure the lonely yet sweet days of motherhood, read this: http://findingjoy.net/why-being-mom-is-enough

So I vow to celebrate the little things of motherhood. And Keep Walking.


Man do I love this little buddy! Even on the hardest days, I have the best job in the world!

  • Beth Parmer

    He is so stinkin’ adorable!!! I just wish I could snuggle him, just a little.
    I promise you will survive the “sleepless” days and nights! BUT sleep is wonderful. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers. Never doubt yourself as a mom – you are doing wonderful!!!