Aug 22


We had a celebration service for Mary Anna on Saturday, July 20, at our church. It was such a precious celebration of her life, and I will write the details about that later. The women in our church decided they wanted to have a reception afterwards, because there would be so many people coming from out of town. A family that we love dearly in Auburn and have “adopted” us into their family offered to host. It was wonderful to get to visit with so many dear friends and family and eat a home cooked meal.

I honestly had little to no appetite, but finally I sat down to eat a few bites. Right after I took a few bites, my dad stuck his head in from outside and said, “Hey Ked, I want you to come see something”. *Ked is what my dad calls me. I walked outside, and it was unreal. There was a rainbow starting to form. It had barely rained that day. As everyone slowly starting walking outside the rainbow starting peeking through the clouds more and more. Then slowly you could see a second rainbow and the moon in the middle. I stood there in awe of the Lord’s promises, and I could not help but wonder if my Mary Anna drew that rainbow for us.

Tears rolled down my face, and Dan and I just stood there holding onto the truth that our baby girl was healed and in heaven. Even though we were so numb and broken, she was made new. One of our friends snapped this shot:

The night sky started covering up the rainbow, and it began to just slowly get dark and the rain started to drizzle again. We said goodbye to some people, and we went back inside to reminisce on the day with some friends. It was such a sweet time of sharing Mary Anna’s story with my friends in Auburn who I barely had time to speak to, because they were all working so hard to make the service and dinner perfect. I cannot sing their praises enough. It was perfect. The boys played ping pong, and the girls curled up on the couches and drank wine together. They laughed and cried with me as I told them the details of the 4 little days that we had with Mary Anna.

Finally we decided to call it a night, and I checked my phone for the first time. As I clicked it on, I had text messages galore, and most of them were pictures of the rainbow from all over the state. Everyone was seeing the same thing we were as they were driving home. It was clear that rainbow was a gift for us. So we knew that we had to Keep Walking.

  • Beth

    Your mom shared your blog with me today. I have prayed for you all since I heard of Mary Anna’s arrival on Earth and then into Heaven. I continue to keep you and Dan and all your family in my prayers as you Keep Walking. May Mary Anna and God continue to send you such precious signs that she is indeed with Him and at peace!

    Much love,
    Beth (Fink) Parmer