Aug 22


I recently posted this picture of my girl on instland *a.k.a Instagram the other day:

"If you're God's child, the gospel isn't an aspect of your lift; this is, it is the wind through which you look at everything." If you don't have Paul David Tripps devotional New Morning Merices, then get it today.

“If you’re God’s child, the gospel isn’t an aspect of your lift; this is, it is the window through which you look at everything.” If you don’t have Paul David Tripps devotional New Morning Mercies, then get it today.

Lately life has just been hard. Well for the last 2.5 years life has been hard. In the last 2 ish months, we.. well take a deep breath because it’s almost a joke…:

graduated vet school
packed up our first home
moved to Starkville, Mississippi for a one year internship
accepted a different job in north AL before the internship began
D starts his first job out of vet school and resigned from a job that he never began
put an offer on a house
packed up our things up in Starkville
moved in with my parents
and semi moved to the house that we were going to buy in north AL
watched my sweet Granny fight cancer
celebrate Mary Anna’s 2nd birthday
pull our offer on the house
mourn the loss of Mary Anna four days later
find a rental house in a different city to live in during the transition
move our things from Starkville, my parents, and the house that we were going to buy
mourn the loss of Granny
celebrate William’s first birthday
and we’re currently trying to settle into our rental house
and ya know, just living life somewhere in between

I feel like grieving your baby is enough. I feel like raising a newborn is enough.  I feel like moving and moving and moving is enough. I feel like life has been enough.

I have struggled to feel satisfied.

Dan read an article about major life events, and how they affect you, and basically we have hit beyond the maximum major life events in beyond the maximum amount of time, and honestly some days I don’t know how we are still doing all of this.

Our life is full of heavenly blessings, so I don’t mean to complain, but I just mean to be real.

I posted that picture on a heavy day, when I was really missing my girl and my granny and just confused of how to do it all. I loved the quote that said that the gospel was “the window through which you look at everything.”

I need the gospel so much, and I need it to be my window. There are days that I just shut the blinds and don’t look through that window, and those are the days that it feels like too much.

If life seems good or hard or messy or pretty, then get this devotional New Morning Mercies.

I actually got on to type out the one for today, but I guess I needed to type more than just that… I will post today’s devotional later, because it is time for baby boy to wake up from his nap!

Y’all life is not easy. Happy Saturday! I hope your day is filled with mercy and lots of cinnamon rolls. Because Saturdays should always include cinnamon rolls!

  • Beth Parmer

    I love reading your posts!! Mary Anna is a beautiful baby girl…those lips get me every time!