Dec 02


So, I think I said this, but we are opening our very first business. My husband is a veterinarian, my dad is a veterinarian, and I have been told that I can be an honorary veterinarian, although I think these people are NUTS for going to school that long. But whatever, i’ll take the title. I can give some pretty sound advice after all my years of over hearing my dad on the phone at the dinner table, and my summers working the front desk at his office, and the launch of our marriage being vet school for Dan.

Well, we are a few weeks from being opened, and money is tight, and budgets are having less wiggle room, and we walked into our little clinic yesterday morning ready to work hard. My parents were taking our kiddos for the weekend, and we had long lists of things that we could accomplish without a 3 and 1-year-old {which is how we’ve built 95% of this practice is with one or both of them with us}, and we realized that….





yep. robbed.

Someone the night before decided to walk out our back door and take things that were ours as assume it was okay to claim them as their own.

insert cuss words.

It was rough. Emotionally. Physically. Financially. Rough.

We cussed, cried, stared at each other, argued, were short with our words, and the list goes on. And then in the middle of it I looked at Dr. Dan and said this:

okay stop. we either trust God or satan and right now we aren’t trusting God. HE has called us. HE has good things in store. Satan wants to destroy that, and we can’t let him. Let’s claim this for good right now.

Now don’t go envying my attitude quite yet. I am pretty sure we debated punching the robbers in the face many times and still continued to cuss off an on through the day. And if I am honest I woke up just ANGRY today. At some point during the day my phone buzzed the verse of the day on my screen, and I was about to “swipe up” to get rid of it, and I stopped with my dirty yoga pants and socks with a hole in the toe and read this:

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.
Exodus 14:14

This is the truth. Not the lies that we’re fighting. Not the violation of someone stealing our things. Not the loss of confidence. Not the anger. Not the cuss words. Not the excess chocolate we ate last night.

I’ve been praying over my mission right now. I am here to walk beside and support Dan as we endeavor into our new business together. It’s a whole family decision to do this, because it’s going to take all of us. Even the littles being drug to the vet clinic like I was growing up. But I realize that my loss and my heartache has prepared me for these moments.

I spend a lot of time in my writing talking about my loss of Mary Anna. God used that for HIS purpose and plan. And as I keep walking, I realize that we grieve things every day…

our to do lists

our hopes

our perfect life plans

our friendships

and marriages

our houses and cars and sofas

our robberies

We most of all lost our steam yesterday. Our vision. Our goals. And y’all we can’t do that.

We just need to be still. He WILL fight for us.

But the thing about battle is that you either go guns blazing, or you let someone fight for you. I tend to be the guns blazing kind, and then have the regress and put a sock in it, and remember that this isn’t my fight. And frankly I don’t want to be the commander in my battle.

So here it is y’all, as we enter Advent tomorrow. Don’t keep fighting. Let Him fight for you. Sure, I mean some might disagree, but let it out, eat some chocolate, 3 lattes, cuss some, punch a pillow, whatever you need to, but remember that this isn’t our fight to do alone.

Keep Walking.