Oct 17

Porch Swinging

Last night as we waited for daddy to get home, we sat on the porch and rocked bath and forth. I have recently felt like we really needed a house with a yard, because a townhouse with a baby and two dogs is pretty crowded! So as we rocked, the sun was slowly setting and the cool evening air was blowing through our hair, I told William a little story that went like this:

Hey buddy, I love you so much!
I love sitting out here waiting on daddy to get home with you.
These are the best days. I know I tell you all the time how I am so ready to move, but I know as soon as we do we will look back and know these are the best days.

Wanna know why?

… baby noises …

Because we got you and your sister here.
Because we were poor and life was simple.
Because although these college boys working on their junky boat in the parking lot is not what I want to be looking at, I know we will look back and miss these things and laugh.

I think if I have a big front porch, driveway, a cute neighborhood, and a fenced back yard that life would be easier, but really all I need is you William.

… baby noises …

You see, these moments make me realize what life is about.
These are the days that we will tell you all about one day, and you will roll your eyes and say, “ok.. ok… ok…” just like your BB and Doc do to us.
Sitting here in daddy’s junky rocker from college and watching your sister paint us a sunset are the things that I will cherish forever.

… baby yawn …

I love you William.
I love your daddy so much.
I love you sister Mary Anna, and I know that she is so proud that you are her little brother.

… baby noises …


Happy 3 months today my sweet baby William!

  • Beth Parmer

    He is simply adorable!!!

  • MA Brom

    This face melts me every time! William, the days you and your sweet sister, Mary Anna, were born were the happiest 2 days of my life! I love you both dearly!
    Love, BB

  • Danielle Owen

    precious baby!!!!

  • Stephanie

    He is so precious! These are sweet days!