Feb 12

On the Move

Literally… We have been on the move non-stop since mid December. It’s gone a little bit like this:

pack up

load car

oh wait… we have dogs, what are we doing with them again?

determine baby’s schedule

hop in the car

blowout on the side of the road … yuck!   <— meaning poopy diaper everywhere

usually spend the last leg of the trip with an unhappy baby


pack up

load car

and you get the picture.

We have not been consistently home in almost 2 months, and we are exhausted. We did this whole pack up, load car, hand the dogs off in a parking lot gig this past Sunday, because Dan has been working in Birmingham for the past two weeks. I lovingly told him on Sunday morning that going out-of-town again was a “huge thorn in my side making me unable to breathe”. Talk about being a supportive wife here. I should get an award! Although I did not want to go, I did, because Monday morning we were getting really big news about our future.

Now traveling with a baby is HARD, and traveling for two months with a baby is beginning to feel like torture! This is why my support of leaving again started to dwindle, but I am glad we went. We woke up at 6 ish Monday morning, and patiently watched the clock tick, tick, tick, until 7 a.m., because that is when the big news would pop up on the computer screen. Right at 7, I went and got William, so that we could all find out as a family what was next.


Dan applied to a bunch of different vet schools to pursue a speciality, and this past Monday morning was to tell us what was next. We all 3 looked together and found out that we were moving to a city that we have never been to! WHAT! Hello. Okay! Don’t get me wrong here, we are so excited, because to get a spot is a HUGE honor, but it is just a lot to process.

Monday was a bit of a blur, and D has been working long hours, so before he came home, I decided to go on a quick run to clear my head. Yeah well that ended with me face planting on the side of the road. Okay, now I am getting a little frustrated.

I now have bruises on my hands, all up and down my legs, and yeah my pride was a little bruised too!

Tuesday we wake up, Dan leaves early again for work, and I am starting to really realize holy cow, I have never lived out of the state of Alabama, and I am moving in about 3 months. I just want to cry and/or shop a lot. I tend to want to shop when I am stressed. Not a habit that I would recommend picking up, especially if you have been on a students salary for 6 years strong like we have! The day granted me a little more time to process all that was/is happening, and as we sat down for dinner that evening, William proceeds to put his hands and his feet into my grits. I was trying to eat in a hurry, because we were just a mess with grits everywhere, and then I began choking on pork tenderloin.

Insert mommy fail.

My evening ended with a foggy brain from being put to sleep, because they had to scope me to push that nice little piece of meat on down into my stomach. So again I woke up Wednesday morning really in a whirlwind now with bruises on my arms from the hospital, hands and legs from my face plant, and now a raw esophagus that grants me the ability to barely eat. Oh and I am really hungry at this point.

I get in the car yesterday morning with everything loaded up once again, drinking my smoothie, which might I add at this point all I wanted was a greasy bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, but dang if I was not limited to a smoothie. REALLY?!? And I started the trek back to Auburn, and my heart began to feel heavy. It was a drive that would for the first time make me have to process that this will not be my home for much longer.

Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.
Zechariah 4:6b

This verse has stayed on my heart. Because it is not by might or power that we pack up over and over again,  and now the theme will continue to pack up our home and move, but it is by His spirit. I am excited. I am sad. I am overwhelmed, but I choose to Keep Walking. I choose to walk by His spirit alone.

We are leaving the home that we moved into right after we got married, the one we lived in during vet school, the one that we prepared for our baby girl that she never came home to, and the one that we brought our baby boy home to. Y’all it’s our life. It’s our home. I am SO ready to leave this townhouse, yet my heart aches for this move. My bruised heart and body ache. I am tired.

I want to be packing for a Mediterranean cruise, but yet here we are again. We do all things together, and by His spirit. I recently instagramed a picture of all us jammed in the car and said this, “these days we’ve been on the road a lot… but this is life so we are embracing it and thankful to be together.”


So we are home getting settled back in to get ready to pack up and leave again to visit this new city that we are about to call home. Together. But still without our Mary Anna.

Not by might. Or by power.  But by His spirit.

Keep Walking.