Aug 26

Must Love Dogs

Apparently today is National Dog Day, and there is one thing for sure in our house, and that is that we love dogs. My dad is a veterinarian, so growing up being an animal lover was a requirement. When Dan and I started dating at the spry age of 16, I knew he was a winner when I learned about his love for animals! Now, I did make the mistake of saying that I would never marry a veterinarian *not that I do not love vets or my dad or anything like that… I don’t know why I said that… I was 16 , and here I am, married to a vet to be. Anyways, back to the point of the day, We have two dogs that we love dearly.

named after Bob Marley
don’t judge, d was 18 when he named her
no, not named after the book
7 years old
grouchy at times
not a very good sharer of her things
lover of water
not a big eater
very loyal
likes her brother, sometimes?
sleeps by our bed every night
yellow lab
carries her duck
still growls at the mailman, ooops

 Fish Camp:
the ultimate trash dog
he adopted us, then we adopted him
named this as a joke, but it stuck
a cuddle machine
lover of water
lover of food
lover of people
lover of basically life
a pointer mix of sorts
loves his big sister
2 years old
cute as a button
loyal like her sister

Needless to say, for many years our puppies were our children. They still are, but sorry pups, Mary Anna jumped you both in the rankings! After everything happened, the one thing that we wanted more than anything was to see our dogs. We let them break all the rules, and we still kinda are, oh well. I think we broke a rule today when they each got an Oreo at lunch, ooops again! The fact of the matter is that dogs are good medicine. They are a factor of our healing too, and they will never know how much joy that they bring us. If you aren’t a dog lover, then I would give it a try. They are life changers for sure. Well better run, Fish Camp is whining for dinner.

  • Beth

    Your pups are adorable! Happy National Dog Day! {the kids and I are trying to convince my husband that we need a dog – our’s just passed away a month ago – she was our first baby}

  • vicki

    Kari..knowing your mom and dad in the early days…I remember their love for dogs! I loved going to their place and seeing their Irish setter and the Yorkie!! I loved hearing their dog stories and watching how the dogs were best freinds even though one was tiny and the other big! I love your blog and the endearing sweet way you speak of your Mary Anna…We are all loving her through your words! And I am so happy your sweet puppies are comforting you right now!