Sep 16

Little Reminders

I have this friend, and she’s not just like a good friend, but she’s like “you deserve an award” kind of a friend. We love each other dearly, and we haven’t lived in the same state for years, but somehow she just gets me. The two of us are as opposite as they come, so it’s funny at times that we are even friends.

Talking to her is like therapy.

The only thing better than a good phone therapy with her is about once a year when we get to see each other, and we find every excuse to drink lots of coffee, and eat lots of sweets together.

Well I was talking to her today, and I was processing a lot of my feelings lately, and I realized a lot of things that I didn’t know that I was even feeling until I said them out loud.

We shed a few tears together like we always do, and then we had to hang up.

But from that point on, I just kinda felt a little discouraged. Sometimes when you bottle up your feelings, then when they finally surface themselves, then it just takes a little time to process them all.

Atleast that’s the case for me.

So, I felt extra lonely today. I wished we lived closer. I wished that more people would cry with me. I wished that Mary Anna was here.

I was supposed to eat scrambled eggs for dinner to save money, because D was working, but I decided to order to go from a local place, and eat outside with W and just take in the cool weather. So we did just that! Me and my buddy had a little evening together.

After I give William his bath, we usually read on the sofa and pray for a bit before bed. He kept handing me the same book over and over again, and I just kissed his head and told him, “You know buddy, I never get tired of reading the same book over and over to you, because your sister taught me that, she taught me to enjoy these moments.”

I saw something pink peeping through the blinds, so I grabbed him up, and went to the front porch to finish our prayers. And this is what we saw:

IMG_5222 IMG_5221

As I sat there swinging  and holding my baby boy, I couldn’t help but be thankful that the Lord continues to gift us with little glimpses of Mary Anna.


I came inside and felt a little less lonely as I began to do the dishes, and fix myself some ice cream. I heard my phone buzz a few times, and I saw these pictures:



Both were from friends who were thinking of sweet Mary Anna too.

It’s just confirmation to me that God is real. And He is good. And He loves us. And He knows us.

So fix some ice cream, and know that even if you’re feeling lonely tonight too, there’s a God who loves you and meets you right where you are.