Jan 01

French Fries

Dan and I were talking the other night before bed about New Years resolutions. We’ve never really been big on them, and so just to be funny, D told me: ya know… I think my resolution is going to be to eat more french fries. I mean really we don’t eat enough of those in our house. He’s right. We don’t eat enough french fries in our house.

I often sit down to write and assume no one will read this, and if that’s the case it’s alright, because my writing is less than superb, and most of the time it’s more for me than for anyone else. With that being said, here’s to 2016!

As I watched my boys this morning run around the house and giggle, smile, snuggle, and do all the things we enjoy doing when daddy is home for a rare morning, I began to think that Dan was onto something. I think I want more french fries this year too.


I want to:

snuggle more and run errands less

forget my to do list in leu of a donut run with my baby boy

stress less about what’s in our bank account and more about what’s in our hearts

eat more french fries

play in puddles

love harder without regrets

stay in the hard places with my friends

spend more time making messes and less time cleaning them up

bake more

and drink more coffee of course

say yes more and no less

travel without over thinking the budget

relish being a stay at home mommy

go on dates more

and maybe eat more french fries too

you get the picture…

Life is just too short. Let’s Keep Walking into 2016 with a new kind of resolution. Amen.


For this God us our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.
Psalm 48:14