Sep 23


You know… in some ways I think we are all too satisfied here. It sounds a little backwards, but we put so much emphasis on the right body, house, amount of children, spouse, bank account, and even church, and in those things we find deep satisfaction. Yet, they still do not satisfy us, so we want more.

and more.

and more.

But why? Because in all reality, we should not be satisfied here.

I was listening to a song tonight while reading to William before bed and it said:

Your rod and your staff are a strange mercy in a world where I’m not yet home.

A lot of times when I think to write, I start writing in my head long before I type. I pray over the things that I feel like I should write, and when I feel ready, then I type and hit submit. My heart was thinking about how we need to be more satisfied, and then it hit me that maybe that isn’t the answer.

Maybe being dissatisfied is right where Jesus wants us. Because in deep dissatisfaction here on earth, we begin to find deep satisfaction in Him.

In Heaven.

Which is where our satisfaction should be anyways right?

 And I will dwell in your house forever

I will dwell in your house forever

I will dwell in your house forever

Lead me on.