Dec 29

Come Thou Fount

Come, thou Fount of every blessing,
tune my heart to sing thy grace;
streams of mercy, never ceasing,
call for songs of loudest praise.

I love singing to my baby boy. It is a treasure to my soul. There are so many opinions today on rocking your baby to sleep vs. self-soothing, and I land in the middle of the debate. One of the reasons is because I treasure picking up my baby W and holding his whole little body in my arms and singing rich hymns to him.

Now let me tell you, it has challenged my knowledge of hymns that I thought that I knew so well. I am convinced now to learn all the words to the songs that I thought I knew, so that W will not sing the wrong words in church one day!

Dan on the other hand always sings the wrong words to EVERY song. Now we try not to use words like “always” and “every” and “never” in our house, but I am pretty sure that I have never heard D sing a song from start to finish without messing up a line or word or two or three. hehe. Therefore, he wrote a song for W when he was a tiny little guy so now he never misses a line. score.

All of this to say, I have taken some time away from my writing to be with family and friends over the holidays and process my baby boy’s first Christmas. And as I was rocking little W for his nap just now, I started to sing our favorite hymn, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, to him and the words hit me.

Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,
prone to leave the God I love;
here’s my heart, O take and seal it,
seal it for thy courts above.

I am so prone to wander. But I am so thankful that my heart has been sealed for the courts above. So I lay my baby boy down after I sing these words to him, and I pray for his heart to be sealed for the courts above too, and then I let him sleep.