Feb 24



I am pretty stubborn. Well let’s be honest, I am REAL stubborn. I tend to be easy-going in a lot of ways, but in the midst of life, I also have the tendency to want things to go my way. Well who doesn’t, right?

During our stay in the beautiful hill country of Kentucky in January, we learned that there is no Hebrew word for coincidence. Basically meaning that there is no such thing as coincidence if you believe in the Bible. We all loosely use the term, but it has hit me so much lately as I look at these major life changes that my little family is going through that there is no, zero, zip, none coincidence for those who trust in Christ.

As D and I were wrestling a few weeks ago with the order in which to list what schools that we were willing to go to for this next year, we were in KY, and our dear family friends kept telling us to remember that there is no such thing as coincidence. The day before Dan had to submit his final list, he turned on the radio at lunch and heard a sermon about being bold in your decision-making and being willing to step out there when the odds are against you. Okay…

Then on his way home, he turned on the radio, and guess what? Remember here… no coincidence 

That same sermon was on… And then guess what again?

The next morning, aka the morning that we had to submit this big list that could potentially change our lives drastically, the SAME sermon was on… okay God. We got it. So we did it, we took some bold steps, and made some leaps of faith, and now, well, even though our match day was a little different than we thought it would be, now we are moving to another state!

Now with that in mind, I, let me remind you again, am very stubborn, so my initial support in this move turned to a little stubbornness, because I decided that I changed my mind, and I did not in fact want to move. So Sunday, we went to church, and the sermon was on Abraham. If you do not know much about Abraham, then read Genesis 12, and you will see that God called him to move and leave all things comfortable behind, and Abraham willingly obeyed.

Yeah you’re getting it. Basically again, no coincidences here, the sermon was pretty much for me, because I was not being willing or obedient like Abraham was. So, I took a deep breath and decided that I needed to work on my heart.

But this is the glory of faith, simply not to know: not to know where you are going, not to know what you are doing, not to know what you must suffer, and with sense and intellect, virtue and will, all alike made captive, to follow the naked voice of God, to be led and driven, rather than to go. And thus it is clear, that Abraham with this obedience of faith shows the highest example of the evangelical life, because he left all and followed the Lord, preferring the Word of God to everything else and loving it above all things of this own free will a pilgrim, and subject to the perils of life and feather every hour of the day and night.
Martin Luther

On the way to Sunday lunch, I confessed my stubbornness to my sweet hubs, and I told him that my sadness was not a lack of support that I was just sad to move, and I felt like I was loosing Mary Anna all over again, but I know that this is what God is calling us to do. I apologized for being, well for being me, and vowed to trust him in this move.

Sooooo…. we got to lunch, and a few college girls joined us that went to a different church, and they began to tell us about the sermon, and …. guess what? …

Yep, no coincidences people, it was on Abraham. Apparently the sermon all over the city was directed straight to my stubborn little heart.

And then, yesterday as Dan started his drive to school, he turned on his podcast, and guess what! Dang-it people, the podcast was on Abraham being obedient to God’s call to go. To leave his people and go.

So this morning, I listened to the podcast, and I realized once and for all, there is no such thing as coincidence. I want to be more like Abraham, and I want to be willing to go when God calls me to go. Tim Keller said it perfectly, I do not want to let my circumstances master me.

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.
Hebrews 6:19a

Keep Walking.

** If you’re interested the podcast is called Abraham and the Torch by Timothy Keller

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