Sep 20

… and never grow up

It’s one of those nights that you just want to remember forever…

It’s nothing fancy or out of the ordinary, but it’s just life in its simplest form.

I made a yummy dinner of eggplant pizzas from fresh eggplant from the farmers market. We had homemade sourdough bread dipped in olive oil and an easy salad with walnuts and a vinaigrette dressing. I had the kids bathed before daddy got home, and had Ray LaMontagne’s Pandora station playing on the t.v.

Not everything was perfect. William proceeded to throw lots of water out of the tub, while I was trying to get Mary Kathryn’s jammies on her. Daddy was home later than normal. It was too hot to play outside, so we had all been inside since early afternoon, but it was perfect in the most ordinary of Monday’s kinda way.

I sit now with some tunes softly playing, William jumping around the house saying “jumpin, jumpin, jumpin!”, and itty is sleeping in the swing. And buddy just stooped by the computer to say “hey mommy!”.

These are the nights that I want to savor. Nothing fancy or perfect but just ordinary.

Daddy just said, “Can we have a night like this every night and can y’all never grow up.” Amen daddy!

So I’ll go to sleep tonight with a full belly, probably some ice cream here in a bit and another glass of wine, and I will forever remember these nights…

with my people…

and we will cherish the ordinary but yet so perfect nights like these.

Keep Walking!

  • Elise Page Serota

    Amen. These nights are the best.