Jan 30

6 months


Happy 6 months, baby William!

We did a 6 month photo shoot for this little bundle of happiness the day after his 1/2 birthday! It was a sweet time to document how much he has grown and the little boy that he is becoming. Sometimes I want to write about who he is, but I feel guilty, because the premise of me starting to write was to document the journey of grief. Although I do not want to stray too far from the reason that I started this blog, I do feel like being William’s mommy is rooted from being Mary Anna’s mommy.

So here’s the update on baby W:

  • starting solids
  • nursing A LOT
  • sitting up
  • rolling over front to back and back to front
  • giggle monster
  • babbling
  • teething but no teeth
  • sleeps 12 hours at night & 3 naps a day
  • happy, happy, happy!

It has been a journey to get here for sure, because the truth is that I was CLUELESS in what it took to be a full-time mommy. I previously was a nanny, and babysat a lot growing up, so normally I would think that I would be a pro with a newborn. NOT. Also, after two miscarriages and having baby Mary Anna, I will admit that I was very annoyed at people who tried to give me “first-time parenting advice”. Like really? This is not my first rodeo. The truth is that was/is my first rodeo of actively having a baby at home and really acting as a mommy.

I have three babies in heaven, and one of those I had the privilege of holding and naming and loving, so I have been a mom for years now, but having William entrusted to my care 24/7 was/is a whole new adventure.

For starters, being a stay at home mom does not equal doing nothing. It is a full-time JOB my friends. It is WORK! I love it, and I would not change a thing, but please think twice before you diminish moms who choose to stay at home. With that said, it is the best job that I have ever had. I feel so thankful every day to wake up to his sweet cheeks and fill all my time with being his mommy!

His 6 months have taught me so much about myself, my marriage, and about life. We miss our Mary Anna with every milestone that we get to see William accomplish, but it does not diminish the joy that our little buddy brings us. It’s like Dan says, “each day is the greatest joy mixed with the greatest sorrow.” So here’s a few more pictures to enjoy as we had the privilege to sing Happy half Birthday to our baby boy!


We took our Mary Anna bear with us for the photo shoot. These pictures of W snuggling this sweet bear that we were given moments after we lost our baby girl are so precious to us.

IMG_1717x IMG_1849x

Thank you baby boy for teaching us how to Keep Walking.

  • Beth Parmer

    He is absolutely precious!!!!

  • Patti Duke

    Awww, so sweet. A bundle of joy no doubt. 🙂

  • MA Brom

    My adorable W! Thank you for teaching us all to Keep Walking! I love you and precious Mary Anna so much

  • CeCe

    Love this post and the sweet pictures of William! Sending kisses from NC