Jul 14


Happy 4th Birthday to my girl,

You made me a mom. You changed me from the day that I knew about you. Your entrance into the world was wild and unexpected and your exit was bold and majestic. I picture you being a little momma to Mary Kathryn and getting onto William for being all boy. I bet that you would have woken up early today and loved having a donut with sprinkles with your daddy and then skipping lunch and dinner for cake with me. I just know your love for sweets would be strong, because it’s just a gene that our family requires.

I have heard 4 is the best age! So that makes this birthday seem to sting a bit more. You are missed and celebrated today angel.

William woke up saying “It’s Mary Anna’s birthday! She is in heaven with God!”. He helped me hang your birthday banner with cute colorful tassels in the kitchen, and he can’t stop peaking at your cake.

I went to a bakery yesterday, and they had 1 cake for sale. It was pink and yellow and orange, and it said HAPPY BIRTHDAY in bright pink letters on it. They added “Mary Anna!” to it, and I cried the whole way home.

Thank you for being a vessel that constantly points us to heaven. We miss you always, but especially today, because it is YOUR day, baby girl.



mommy and daddy and william and mary kathryn

and i guess marley and fish camp too.

  • Danielle Owen

    Well MA’s post just made me cry. I love you Mary Anna so so much. Thank you for teaching me what matters in this life. Happy happy birthday!!!!