Jun 30


Birthdays are a theme in the summer time around here. Mary Kathryn is in June, Mary Anna and William are in July, and we will probably have an August birthday on our hands soon too. As William anticipates his birthday this year at almost 4 years old, we have talked and planned and counted down and been so excited for his big day. He knows that his birthday is after his two sisters, so he was excited for MK’s day to come and go, and now he’s been asking non- stop, “so after Mary Anna’s birthday is mine right?”.

I usually write them letters on here on their birthdays, and this year I didn’t get around to writing MK her own. We all got sick for a few weeks, and it seems like trying to recoup has been the theme of our month of June. Also, frankly I haven’t known what I wanted to say to her, and now I anticipate MAC’s and W’s bdays, and it finally came to me.

You see, I am pretty hard on myself. I do a lot, and I do a lot for others, and so when we lost MAC, I think this pressure to be “strong” was overwhelming. The pressure just wasn’t from me it was coming from people all around me. The world tells you constantly to pick back up and to keep on going.


As we await Mary Anna’s 5th birthday, Mary Kathryn just turned two, William is almost four, and we have a baby on the way, it has hit me that the message that I want to instill in my kids is quite opposite. Strong is not always the answer.


I want my babies to be brave. You see I think if we trust in Christ in reality if we think that we can be strong then we have it all wrong. HE really wants us to be weak, so that we can find strength in Him alone, but even then we take that to mean if we have Him, than we are strong. And yes, we are, don’t get me wrong, but our strength never lies within ourselves. To be brave is to have the courage to be weak, so that He can become our strength.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
1 Corinthians 12:9

Williamn and Mary Kathryn,

Happy birthday to my two little loves. You both have such unique personalities, and I love being your mommy. You and your sister and your baby brother on the way are my greatest earthy treasures. I can’t believe how fast you both are growing and how much you both change me daily.

William- Keep that mind thinking buddy. You think like your daddy, and it is something that I don’t quite get, but you will do big things with that mind of yours. We thank God every night for things, and you always thank God for all of us, and list us all by name. You love having all your people close by, so never let that go. Cling to those who love you, and use that brain of yours to love others well, because you sure love us richly for a little guy.

Sissy Sue- Stay sassy girl. Keep it up! I am sassy, and I love that about you. I pray every night that you use your extreme emotions for the Kingdom, and that you point people to Jesus. I pray that God prepares a man who will love you and not take your personality away just like your daddy loves me. He’s never tried to make me someone different than I am, and sweet girl that’s rare. Keep looking until you find a man like your daddy.

BE BRAVE my two with me right now. Don’t let the world tell you that strength is the answer, because it isn’t. We can only have the courage to face today if we learn that sometimes to be strong is to be weak. I am so thankful for how you both love and are eager to learn about your big sister in heaven, because she’s the one who taught us all how to be brave. Her braveness in her short life has kept our eyes always fixed on the Kingdom, and I pray both of your eyes stayed fixed there too.

Now, let’s continue to eat cake, and celebrate, because your lives are both big and worthy of celebration! And you know that your mommy loves a good cake.

Here’s to 2 and 4!

with my whole heart always,
your mommy

Keep Walking my friends. 

Keep Walking with brave hearts and eyes fixed only on the King.