Apr 01

Real Again

The concept of being resurrected is hard for an almost 4-year-old. I think William gets stuck around the point of “why would you kill someone who is good?” We’ve been re-telling the Easter story to him a lot, and he’s slowly comprehending different parts.

This morning we woke up to Easter baskets will little happies for the kids. We don’t do the Easter bunny, but we just give gifts on a day like today, because Jesus gave us the ultimate gift of eternal life with Him! After we looked through the baskets with sleepy eyes, I grabbed William and asked him “Do you know why we celebrate today? We celebrate because although Jesus died for us, He rose again to save us.” And he responded and said it again:

And God will make Jesus real again.

This started in the middle of the week when I heard William’s door creak. Dan walked out and tears were in his eyes. He said he needed to tell me something, and begin to tell me a story…

Every night we read books and pray with William, and usually we go in his room each one at a time to tell him good night and sing a song and say our prayers. Dan had finished his turn, and he told me how they were talking about heaven, and William said this:

When you go to heaven, God will make you REAL again.

Dan: what did you say?

God will make you REAL again.

Dan: Buddy who told you that?

Mary Anna did.

Dan: What? Mary Anna is in heaven buddy.

I know and she told me that when you get to heaven, God will make you real again.

I was a little shocked at this conversation, so I went in and asked buddy about what he had just told daddy. He said:

Mommy, maybe when I take a rocket ship to heaven God will make me REAL again.

Me: Buddy who said that heaven makes you real again?

Mary Anna told me.

He’s recounted this story over and over again. I’m not sure if he heard this from us or church or school or maybe a dream or what, but the way his little mind connects these dots just amazes me. So in true fashion…

Jesus said: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
Matthew 19:14

I learn the most from my children about the death and resurrection of the King of Kings. We celebrate today, Easter Sunday, because Jesus died so that one day we will be REAL again. It’s a promise. Amen.

Keep Walking.

I remember the scars and bruises on Mary Anna’s hands right before she went to be with Jesus. It’s told in the Bible that Jesus’ hands are nail scarred. I can’t help but think that even though Mary Anna has been made REAL again that these scars are still there. They’re not painful anymore, but they’re her story, and the reminder that she was made REAL by the creator of the universe.

Keep Walking. Happy Easter friends!

for more detailed reading:
Mark 15- the account of Jesus’ death

Luke 24:1-49- the account of Jesus’ resurrection
taken from the She Reads Truth readings for Lent