Aug 24

Rocket ship

IMG_5722 4

William and Mary Kathryn and I were eating dinner the other night, and lots of “take another bite”, “you have to at least try a few green beans”, “sissy sit on your bottom or you’re going to fall”, and so on were being said. Dinner time is quite the circus, especially, because my husband works long hours, so most nights I have to feed the kids alone. Tired momma + 3 year old wild boy + 1 year old antsy baby girl = extra glass of wine please!

Well, we are currently in the midst of yet another transition {8th house in almost 3 years to be exact}, so we are at my parents for a few weeks, while some things are being done to our new house. My parents happen to live on the lake, which helps the staycation a little for sure! I looked outside at the beautiful water, and decided that I should turn the mood of dinner from weary barking momma to grateful momma. So William and I had the sweetest little conversation that went like this:

M: Buddy, do you see that water out there?

W: yeahhhhh, it’s BB’s lake

M: Did you know that God loves you deeper than the water.

W: He does, and he loves mommy and daddy and sissy and BB and Doc….

M: yes buddy he loves all of us

W: and Mary Anna too…

M: yes of course

W: Is Mary Anna going to come soon?

M: Well, you know how God loves you deeper than the water?

W: yeahhhh {wide blue eyes}

MK: {squeaks}

M: Well He loves you so much that he died for you, and Mary Anna had to die too, so she is in heaven with God. But you know buddy that’s okay, because we will see her soon.

W: Mommy, I want to go in a rocket ship way up in the sky and say 3,2,1 blast-off and see Mary Anna with God.

M: {tears streaming}

W: It’s okay mommy, I love you and I will come back to you.

M: I love you too buddy and that’s why mommy cries sometimes, because she misses Mary Anna and that’s okay

W: I love you mom. I want you to hold you me {wide blue eyes still}

It’s these moments that remind me the redemption in loss. The Lord uses the hard things to strengthen us and draw us to himself and teach us through the eyes of a child how to Keep Walking. I want to 3,2,1 blast- off a lot of days out of this messy life just like my buddy, but God has me here right now in the messy mundane with yet another transition for a reason.

Keep Walking.

And now every time there’s a beautiful pink sunset over the water, William loves to talk about his big sister in heaven. And how we can blast-off to see her. These are the days.

3, 2, 1 blast- off