Nov 11

God Our Father

William got in the car Wednesday from mom’s day out, and I asked him what he did that day at school. Usually he says: I play friends or I have a good day. His little responses don’t typically include great detail yet, because he’s just a little over 2 years old, but it’s always sweet to hear him say that he played or had a good day. This week we all were processing election news and the state of our country, so when he got in the car and I asked him how his day was and he said: I sing songs and the he proceeded to sing:

God our Father, God our Father
mumble mumble {he forgot some of the words}
thank you for our blessing, thank you for our blessing
ahhhhmennn, ahhhhmennnn

Ever since that day I can hear his little voice singing that in my head. Somehow in the midst of unrest, I have felt peace about one thing lately, and that is that God is our Father, and He promises to bless his people.

There has been a lot of hard stuff in our home lately wading through broken relationships and sadness and tackle a terrible election on top of it all, and dang y’all. dang.

Our home seems to feel heavy, our country is heavy, our hearts are heavy, and our little two-year old boy with big blue eyes and a big ole’ head of blonde hair reminds us of what is true. God our Father… Thank you for our blessing… Amen.

I’m processing a lot, and I just hope as you tackle whatever your world is throwing at you that you remember that the role of our King is not changing. The world is, but He will not.

Ahhhhmennnn. Ahhhmmmennn.

Keep Walking.