Aug 25

August 22

The devotional that I promised from Saturday:

Don’t be satisfied with anything less than all God’s powerful
grace is able to produce in you and through you.

I know it’s my problem and I suspect it’s yours too- we’re just too easily satisfied. It’s not that we want too much from God. No, the reality is that often we are willing to settle for too little. We are content with a little bit of change, a little bit of growth, or a little bit of maturity. We settle for a little bit of biblical understanding and a little bit of theological knowledge. We say we love redemption and that we are thankful for God’s grace, yet we become spiritually satisfied long before that grace has completed its work.

If our parenting seems to be working, if our marriages are livable, if our jobs aren’t terrible, if our finances aren’t a disaster, and if we have nice houses, good churches, and good health, most of us are satisfied. But God is not satisfied. He knows that we will continue to need his intervention until we have been completely formed into the likeness of Jesus. We will continue to need the forgiving, enabling, transforming power of his grace until every thought and desire of our hearts is pleasing in his sight. We will continue to need his deliverance and protection as long as we are still susceptible to the seductive voices of temptation that are all around us in the is fallen world. Our Savior loves us enough to continue to be dissatisfied even in those moments when we are all too satisfied. He will not abandon the work of his hands. He will not turn from his grace. He will not forsake his saving zeal. He will not relent until his grace has done everything it can do in each one of his children.

So you’ll find yourself in situations you do not like. You’ll find yourself having to deal with things you didn’t plan. You’ll find yourself dealing with trouble you never thought would enter your door. You’ll face the unplanned, the unexpected, and the unwanted. The reason you will is because your Lord will be using all these hard and uncomfortable moments to wrench you out of your satisfaction, to cause you to esteem his redemption and to create heart-and-life change that will not be created any other way. Your Lord pries open your hands and takes away your crutches and distractions. He exposes your weaknesses so that you will cry out for what he knows you need, but what you have been willing to live without.

So be thankful for all that grace has done for you, but be dissatisfied. Don’t quit before grace has completed its work. Cry out for more rescue, transformation, and deliverance. And be grateful that your Savior continues to work even win those moments when you don’t value the work that you so desperately need.

For further study and encouragement: Philippians 1:3-11

August 22 from New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp

Aug 22


I recently posted this picture of my girl on instland *a.k.a Instagram the other day:

"If you're God's child, the gospel isn't an aspect of your lift; this is, it is the wind through which you look at everything." If you don't have Paul David Tripps devotional New Morning Merices, then get it today.

“If you’re God’s child, the gospel isn’t an aspect of your lift; this is, it is the window through which you look at everything.” If you don’t have Paul David Tripps devotional New Morning Mercies, then get it today.

Lately life has just been hard. Well for the last 2.5 years life has been hard. In the last 2 ish months, we.. well take a deep breath because it’s almost a joke…:

graduated vet school
packed up our first home
moved to Starkville, Mississippi for a one year internship
accepted a different job in north AL before the internship began
D starts his first job out of vet school and resigned from a job that he never began
put an offer on a house
packed up our things up in Starkville
moved in with my parents
and semi moved to the house that we were going to buy in north AL
watched my sweet Granny fight cancer
celebrate Mary Anna’s 2nd birthday
pull our offer on the house
mourn the loss of Mary Anna four days later
find a rental house in a different city to live in during the transition
move our things from Starkville, my parents, and the house that we were going to buy
mourn the loss of Granny
celebrate William’s first birthday
and we’re currently trying to settle into our rental house
and ya know, just living life somewhere in between

I feel like grieving your baby is enough. I feel like raising a newborn is enough.  I feel like moving and moving and moving is enough. I feel like life has been enough.

I have struggled to feel satisfied.

Dan read an article about major life events, and how they affect you, and basically we have hit beyond the maximum major life events in beyond the maximum amount of time, and honestly some days I don’t know how we are still doing all of this.

Our life is full of heavenly blessings, so I don’t mean to complain, but I just mean to be real.

I posted that picture on a heavy day, when I was really missing my girl and my granny and just confused of how to do it all. I loved the quote that said that the gospel was “the window through which you look at everything.”

I need the gospel so much, and I need it to be my window. There are days that I just shut the blinds and don’t look through that window, and those are the days that it feels like too much.

If life seems good or hard or messy or pretty, then get this devotional New Morning Mercies.

I actually got on to type out the one for today, but I guess I needed to type more than just that… I will post today’s devotional later, because it is time for baby boy to wake up from his nap!

Y’all life is not easy. Happy Saturday! I hope your day is filled with mercy and lots of cinnamon rolls. Because Saturdays should always include cinnamon rolls!

Aug 18



I was on a short jog this morning with my little buddy, and it began to rain. It was a slow sprinkle, so instead of my usual walk to cool down, I sprinted back to our new little rental house. As I got to the front porch stairs, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I debated if I should get my iPhone or my baby out of the rain first! Don’t start judging yet, I chose them both! I grabbed him and set him on the porch, and as a rush of regret for choosing to run with such a dreary forecast ran over me, I saw him smile and start reaching for the rain.

Boys love puddles.

We sat out on the porch for a while and just watched the rain. We sang and danced a little, and my heart was thankful that my baby boy decided to skip his morning nap so we could have a special morning together.

We came inside, and I remembered the clothes in the laundry that needed to be switched. Our house has a disconnected washer/dryer, so you have to go out of the back door onto the porch to get to them. I sometimes leave the back door open so W can watch me switch the laundry, and as I did that today, I turned around and he was gone!

I heard a splash, splash, splash…

And I found that cute little blonde head playing in the puddles on the back porch. The rain had stopped, so I just took off his clothes, kicked of my shoes, and sat on the wet ground and soaked it up for the second time.


You see, when I found out that he was a boy, I was pretty sad. Not that I think that we can “try for” a gender or anything like that, but my heart was prepared for a baby girl, and I lost her, so it was confusing for my heart to try to re-prepare for a baby boy. I’m pretty girly, so I would often say to friends, “I just don’t know if I will be a good boy mom.”

I can say after one year, I surely do love being a momma to that little boy.

I miss tea parties, tutus, and finger nail painting parties, and they still make me a little sick to my stomach, but I know the Lord knew exactly what my weary heart needed.


If you’re God’s child, the gospel isn’t an aspect of your life, it is your life; it is the window through which you look at everything.
Paul David Tripp

My big sister asked me today if I had written since May, and I slowly typed back a “no” to her. My hands have missed typing. I miss sharing our story. I miss sharing about how Jesus uses Mary Anna to still alter how we look at everything.

Our life has been a bit crazy lately. We have had things happen that I never thought would be a part of our story, but this is our messy life, and we’re doing it! So here’s to writing more, playing in puddles more, and settling into life in our new little home as a family of 4 with our big sister in heaven.

We love the doxology at our house. And as I type this conclusion to this blog that I felt the urge to write, but didn’t even know where to begin, I keep hearing those words in my head:

Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heav’nly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.